Georgia State Science Olympiad – March 30

Update: Our team won the Third place in the States. We would like to thanks all our parents, Chaperons, Coaches and Students for their dedication, hard work and passion!

Our team is excited about our next tournament and would like you to be a part of the team to support our students. The goal of our volunteers is to help keep the students safe, fed, and assist them with any logistical help needed for the tournament. 

Please come join us on March 30th at Georgia Tech. Parents, please sign-up for chaperoning (Link below):

1) Homebase Chaperones:  We’d appreciate your help to monitor homebase. All Homebase chaperones should be actively listening to the activity in the room and assist our students if help is needed. Please monitor for adults or students that are not from our team that enter the room and talk to them to see if any help is needed. 

If you sign up for a chaperone time slot, please plan to remain in the Homebase Room at Georgia Tech for duration of the time slot to ensure we have enough adults in the room at all times to help our students.

2) Lunch Pick Up: Volunteer to pick up lunch and deliver it to the Homebase room by 11:30. 

3) Drivers: Do you have a larger vehicle, a Van or SUV?  If you do, would you be able to help transport students and their builds for events around the Georgia Tech campus? The students would rely on you to help them drive to different buildings for their events to ensure they arrive on time. Students will also need help to transport their builds in your vehicle.