University of North Carolina Invitational SciOly Tournament (aka CarSO) 2024

40 of our students were divided in 3 teams and participated for this tournament (26 Jan-28 Jan). We travelled to UNC in a chartered bus. The prelude to the tournament included a carefully planned tour, albeit overshadowed by cloudy and rainy conditions on the event day. Despite the weather challenges, the participants remained undeterred, showcasing unwavering determination and putting forth their best efforts to exhibit their talents.

In the company of 23 schools representing diverse regions across the country, including some from as far as the Bay Area, we engaged in spirited competition. Our collective efforts yielded significant success, with multiple team victories and the remarkable achievement of securing two teams in the top 6 positions (2nd and 6th places). This accomplishment is a testament to the dedication and skill of our students.

We extend heartfelt congratulations to our students for their marvelous achievements and express gratitude to the parents and chaperones whose support played a pivotal role.
A special acknowledgment goes to our coach, Mr. Wolfe, whose guidance and mentorship were instrumental in steering our students toward this well-deserved success.

Here are some pictures from the Duke Tour and UNC tournament.