Parent Volunteer Request at Brookwood Invitational – Jan 13, 2024

[Update: Thank you Parents who has signed up for this tournament. Signup is now closed.]

Parent Volunteer Signup for Brookwood

Dear Walton Olympiad Parents and Guardians,
We need your helping hand at the Brookwood High School. Our Students will be travelling to Brookwood High School by school bus and will come back the same day. We need few parent volunteers to travel with us (in Bus and by their own car) to help us at the venue. Please signup at the below link.

Brookwood Invitational, Brookwood, GA | Jan 13, 2024, Saturday
Brookwood High School (Less than an hour drive from Walton)1255 Dogwood Rd, Snellville, GA 30078 Students will travel to Brookwood, GA, It’s a day trip
Tentative Timing: Students will start from Walton 5:30am and come back by 9pm
➡️ Parent Volunteer Signup Here ⬅️

Details of the following tournaments are coming soon.University  of North Carolinas(UNC), Chapel Hill, NC | Jan 27, 2024, Saturday
Selected students will travel to Chapel Hill, NC on Jan 26th-28th
Harvard Invitational, Harvard, MA | Feb 3, 2024, Saturday
Selected students will travel to Harvard, MA on Feb 2nd-Feb4th
Parents of the selected students for UNC and Harvard, we trust you’ve received the necessary communications regarding costs and logistics (more details coming your way shortly). We anticipate your enthusiastic participation in these tournaments. To address any queries you might have, we’re planning a general parents’ session in early January. We would organize a general parents session in early January to answer all your queries.

Our dedicated Booster Club team is already hard at work, ensuring seamless food and hotel accommodations for the UNC and Harvard trips. Keep an eye out for separate emails covering payments, food preferences, chaperoning, and more.There are few things we would like to remind you in  general:

Representing Walton High School: Our students are ambassadors of Walton High School, so let’s make sure they shine with pride and adhere to all CCSD school rules during these adventures.

Safety in Numbers: Traveling in a group is not just fun; it’s essential. We kindly request that students stay together, both at the venues and during travel. Team spirit all the way!

Belongings and Responsibility: Students are in charge of their belongings, and they’ll be held accountable for any losses or damages. Designated Home Room storage is the safest bet during travel.

Health and Safety First: Don’t forget to share any allergies, medications, and emergency contacts with insurance details. Your child’s well-being is our top priority.If you happen to have any connections at Harvard or UNC (students, professors, or designated tour guides), and they would like to take our students on a guided tour, please let us know. It might just add that extra touch to our students’ experience.

Wishing you all a joyous holiday season, and here’s to an Olympiad-filled 2024!Warm regards,
Walton Science Olympiad Booster Club
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